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Tel Aviv Calling: Update

Tel Aviv Calling: Update

27/03/2019 17:00

It is time for your weekly Eurovision update, because the largest music festival in the world is gradually getting closer! Here at OUT.tv we will bring you weekly updates regarding the latest news, gossip and more.

Eurovision in Concert

The Eurovision Song Contest is getting closer which means that the Eurovision in Concert is just around the corner! Eurovision In Concert is a good way to show the world what you’ve got once more before performing on the Eurovision stage. Once again, Eurovision in Concert is said to become a great night at the AFAS in Amsterdam.

Participants of Eurovision Song Contest who are scheduled to perform at the AFAS are; Oto Nemsadze, Zena, Nevena Božović, Luca Hānni, Ester Peony, Lake Malawi, Sebastian en Durude, Joci Pápai, Katerine Duska, Kobi Marimi, D Mol, S!sters, KEiiNO, Juri, Leonora, Michael Rice, Paenda, Miki, Bilal Hassani, Jonida, Eliot, Serhat and Duncan Lawrence.

The participants will be joined on stage by spectacular guest performers whose names, as of now, are still unannounced.

The AFAS has a capacity of 6,000 people and there are still tickets left!

Bilal Hassani releases two brand new, powerful songs.

France's Bilal Hassani did not sit still in the time building up to the Eurovision Song Contest and came out with two new songs; Fais beleck and Jaloux. Both songs show a different side of the singer.

Fais beleck (pay attention) is a personal song about a previous relationship that came to an end because his partner at the time was ashamed of Bilal’s feminine side.

Jaloux is a song in which Bilal expresses his feelings about the negative reactions he received after winning Destination Eurovision. In the song, Bilal realizes that his haters are simply jealous of his success and that he should pay the haters no mind.

Along with Roi, Bilal's Eurovision song entry, Jaloux and Fais Beleck will also appear on his debut album Kingdom. The album will be released on April 24th.

Sergej remains focused on himself

Russian singer Sergej came in third at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2016 with his song You Are The Only One. This year he is back with a completely different number and with the experience he already has, he has high expectations to life up to. This year Sergej is going to do things differently, he said. "This time around I'm not going to see who's said to score high in the ratings, I'm not listening to what people have to say about me or my performance. Until the end I will mainly focus on myself and be in my own head because I don't want to care what people say about it, I want to be sure about it myself."


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