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New abortion ban expects to have a major impact on the LGBT community

New abortion ban expects to have a major impact on the LGBT community

16/05/2019 11:59

A new legislation in Alabama that prohibits abortion in almost all circumstances is likely to have a major impact on the LGBT + community alerting activist organizations. The ban on abortion was signed yesterday by 25 republicans; only six members of the house voted against.

According to the law, abortion is only permitted if there is a serious threat to the health of the pregnant person. Now a number of LGBT + rights activists and organizations in the US are warning that the impact of the law is likely to extend to their community. "

The Transgender Law Center said in a statement released today: "It is extremely worrying how many states are currently putting forward laws designed to criminalize access to abortion care."

Chad Griffin, chairman of the Human Rights Campaign, tweeted about it. "A male majority in the Alabama Senate banned abortion last night." This is wrong, shameful and un-American. "

The change was also condemned by the LGBT center in Los Angeles, which called the law "a medically dangerous and morally draconian law." They said that this legislation threatens the well-being of pregnant women and the doctors who care for them. Access to health care is a major issue for LGBT people, and we must all be outraged by the precedent that this law, if signed by the governor of Alabama, will come into effect. "

News of the ban has led to international outrage of activists for abortion rights. The terms of the law mean that those who illegally grant abortions are subject to a maximum of 99 years in prison, or a life sentence. In addition, senators voted against an amendment that could cause abortion victims of rape or incest.

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